Celebrities & Cork Wedge Shoes

Celebrities & Cork Wedge Shoes

What could be better than cork shoes for summer? If you haven’t decided what you want to order for the season, you should consider cork wedge shoes. Especially you are shuttling between choosing comfy shoes or sexy high heel shoes. Don’t fall for the bias says that cork wedges are looking chunky and rough.  The fact that picking right combine solves everything, like always. If you haven’t convinced the idea of how cork wedges shoes can be elegant yet, let’s check some celebrities with iconic styles.

Kate Middleton may be the most famous cork wedge lover in the world. She is wearing them on international conferences, or when she is meeting leaders of countries with suits, she is wearing them on fancy events with fancy dresses. Her shoes are perfect choose for a princess with a busy schedule. Now most of may have not a real “princess” title but our daily routine as busy as a princess, and we don’t get help like she did. So, our shoes must be fit in our everyday lives, and we don’t have to sacrifice our glamor.

Options with cork wedge shoes are pretty much limitless. We are admiring Elle Fanning‘s style with her boho-chic dress and cork wedge sandals.

Ginnifer Goodwin’s style might be the coolest way to wear a pleated skirt. Completing her outfit with cork wedge sandals and a jean jacket is a genius idea.

We have another Kate who loves cork wedges. Kate Hudson’s shoes with her shabby pants look dazzling. You might be a busy mommy and need comfy shoes and outfits, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be fabulous at the same time. If you don’t believe us, just look at her!

Finally, we have Kim Kardashian. Blue long skirt and shoes look dazzling together.

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If you need more idea before order your summer shoes, you can check it out here for more ideas.



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