Colorful Summer Shoes with Geometric Patterns

Colorful Summer Shoes with Geometric Patterns


For real shoe lovers, a shoe is not only a part of her outfit or something she wears purely practical reason quite the opposite. And shoe-love, not a simple thing that can be diminished to define as a fashion choice quickly. Particularly for a woman. For many centuries women had been held back, they been asked to be silent. But a woman who is raising her high heel says “hey, you can never look down on me!” She storms proudly with her clinks and clanks coming from heels and says “You can’t make me silent and look I’m not only standing on my feet but also doing it with a piece of art because I deserve the best.” And those shoes tell a story about all color of her soul.

Is that sounds too poetic? Maybe but we can be both poetic and tough at the same time; the way how we successfully handle our high heels is hard evidence for that. Today picked colorful shoes with geometric patterns to help you to find the shoes tells your story best.


First, we have black and white. The graffiti-like design ankle heel unique and crazy. Chevron pattern platform sandals with the high heel and ankle belts look charming.



These three gorgeous are combining modern design with ethnic patterns in a glamorous way.


The shoes with hexagon beaded-like material combining elegant heels and straps; waiting for all Queen Bees.

If you decide what your story is, you can order customized shoes online from anywhere in the world. Don’t worry about if you have small or big shoe size and having trouble about finding shoes you desire. We can produce any shoes unique to you, also can help you if you have orthopedic problems, special orthopedic needs, narrow or large bones, a problem like bunions. The only thing you need to do, send us a photo of your favorite shoes and leave us your shoe size. Don’t forget to contact our customer services via WhatsApp or email.



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