Fancy Flats

Fancy Flats

Hello, gorgeously tall ladies! We picked dazzling flats just special to you.

If you complained about that all designer use their powers only for only high heels, yes actually you are quite right.

Probably shoe industry agrees that you are already fascinating and don’t need more glamor.

But, don’t worry there are still astonishing options out there we are happy to share with you. These are just ideas to inspire you. If you couldn’t find what you looking for you can always handmade customized shoes made just unique for you.

Now imagine a pair of shoe. You can wear them for work with suits, for casual meetings with jeans, for fancy dates with sexy dresses, for special events with gowns and for your own wedding as bridal shoes. How awesome is that? First group shoes in these photos match with all of them.

Especially this one is begging for being your ballerina flat shoes for prom.

When we think that how gold – silver sparkly all over the place, we can’t decide that we should recommend these as prom shoes and bridal shoes or as casual and street style. They look marvelous in any way.

If you looking for something different then classic ballerina flat design. These two are just for you.

And these group proves flats can be attractive as much as heels.


If you decide what do you want you can order customized shoes online. You can contact our customer services via WhatsApp or email. The only thing you need to do, send us a photo of your favorite shoes and leave us your shoe size. It doesn’t matter if you have small or big shoe size, we can produce every size just unique to you. Also, if you have orthopedic problems, special orthopedic needs, narrow or large bones, a problem like bunions, we can solve your problems by customizing shoes for you.









Find a shoe you like Send us the photo of shoes and your size via email or WhatsApp Leave additional details such as orthopedic problems or special needs
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As soon as you complete the order, your shoes will be shipped in 15 days. (Plus/minus 2 days depending on your location)


If you receive a damaged shoes or your shoes don't fit because of manufacturing errors, you are welcome to send them back. We will fix the problem or send you a new pair. We are not able to make money refund since our shoes are custom-made.
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