History of High Heels

History of High Heels

Have you ever experienced the feeling as if you forget something or something is missing when you step outside without high heels? High heels are almost an extension of the body for most women. We can’t imagine a life without them but we don’t give much thought about how they came to our lives. History of high heels is quite interesting.

Archeologists and historians say that they’ve been invented for purely practical reasons. Egyptian farmers wore them to not sinking in the mud and men rising horse used them to secure their feet on the stirrup. As expected, heels discovered by men who believes that look down on people their deific rights; like kings, lords, aristocrats etc. Quickly, heels became the symbols blue blood.

Finally, first shoes specifically design for woman elegance appeared on the stage of history in 1533. Catherine Medici, the dearie daughter of famous Medici family, was about the marry with an extremely ostentatious wedding. Sadly, she was only 14 years old kid. Naturally, she was petite and unnoticeable. The possibility of losing the attention inside the all those glamours on her wedding day made her think. Eventually, someone -a myth says Leonarda Da Vinci, but more likely a Florentine shoemaker – invented a special a pair of shoe for her.

The invention hit the bullseye and Catherine enchanted everybody with her majestic look on her wedding day. Such that, everybody started to copy her and high heel spread like a plague.

There was a period that high heel fashion went overboard thanks to the women who wear 60 cm heels and walking with a helper and a stick.

Wow huh? Thank you, Catherina, thank you, the Florentine shoemaker.

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