How to Protect Your Foot Health in Summer

How to Protect Your Foot Health in Summer

Summer is the most attractive season of the year but not exactly best friends our feet unless you live in a beach house and don’t go anywhere. Overheat is bad for our foot health because bacteria love heat and moist places. So, our shoes during summer are kind of paradise for bad bacteria. They can simply create an army less than a day take hold our full body health for rest of our lives.

Even with open shoes like sandals, because of the rubbing, your feet will create millions of bacteria.  Given that we take eight thousand steps approximately, that makes a lot of rubbing! The amount of sweat a human foot is half a liter per day. Do you want to know how many germs lives in your feet? Two trillion!

What you need to do take simple precautions. No need to say the most important thing is wearing high-quality shoes. Fake leather can raise up the heat of your feet 34 C to 50 C. You should wear exact right size for you and the material of shoes shouldn’t be stiff. We can’t bear the consequences of a blister or little open wound because of the richness of bacteria and germs in the area.

Even with the perfect shoes, still, there are couple things you need to do. First, never wear a pair of shoes two days in a row. After a hot day, take off your shoes and pure some baking soda inside your shoes. Be generous, be sure the baking soda spread especially to the darkest corners. Let them dry at least 24 hours. Next time when you wear them they will smell like never worn.

Never ignore your foot care. Give a nice treatment for your feet, too. When you watching your favorite show, soak your feet in a vinegar bath. Pure some vinegar on hot water. After that moisturized your feet with olive oil or almond oil because to help your skin gain resistance.

See, easy as a pie. Now all you need is a good quality customized shoes. You can contact our customer services via WhatsApp or email. The only thing you need to do, send us a photo of your favorite shoes and leave us your shoe size. It doesn’t matter if you have small or big shoe size, we can produce every size just unique to you. Also, if you have orthopedic problems, special orthopedic needs, narrow or large bones, a problem like bunions, we can solve your problems by customizing shoes for you.



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