How to Tell Good Quality Shoes

How to Tell Good Quality Shoes

You decided to buy shoes but are you afraid of poor quality and unhealthy?  We searched for the most common shoe issues and shoe tricks to help you. First, compare the left and right sides of the shoe you want to get to each other. There should be no obvious difference between the two. One of the issues to be considered is whether there is a drug spot between the skin of the shoe and the floor. If there is no drug stain on and around the shoe, this will show the value given to the production of the shoe.



Again, the original leather is placed on a true deep inner face, if the subject of thousands of people suspicious that the shoe is skinned. If the fake is below, these feathers are invisible. Again, one of the most tried methods is to hold fire with a lighter for 10-15 seconds to the deep back or invisible region. In general, fake cultivators immediately color and shine. It is said that this is not the case if it is the original underground. The quality of the shoes you buy and the shoes you buy will be as good as the shoe quality. While the quality of the lining used in the interior is important, the use of a non-sweat lining is vital for foot health.

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We think that we give you the information that illuminates the quality of the shoe and the tricks of a healthy shoe. Special Shoe Customers who want to place an order can contact us via our WhatsApp order line; you can notify your order.



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