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Fancy Flats

16 Nisan 2017

Hello, gorgeously tall ladies! We picked dazzling flats just special to you. If you complained about that all designer  ...

History of High Heels

13 Nisan 2017

Have you ever experienced the feeling as if you forget something or something is missing when you step outside without ...

How About This: Matching Couple Shoes

11 Nisan 2017

If you decide to be with someone and take every step together through your life-journey, matching couple shoes would be ...

Guest Designer: Jimmy Choo

9 Nisan 2017

We have another guest designer today. Jimmy Choo is famous for his hand-made and highly expensive luxurious shoes. Acco ...

Which Shoes with Maxi Skirts?

8 Nisan 2017

Summer time is coming and breezy maxi skirts are our favorite for summer times. Maxi skirts are a life saver especially ...

Colorful Summer Shoes with Geometric ...

7 Nisan 2017

  For real shoe lovers, a shoe is not only a part of her outfit or something she wears purely practical reason qui ...

A Famous YouTuber’s Shoe Collec ...

6 Nisan 2017

Today our guest is a shoe-lover YouTuber Tamara Kalinic. This gorgeous woman definetly knows the language of shoes. She ...

Guest Designer: Manolo Blahnik

5 Nisan 2017

Today we have a guest designer. When it is heard those two magical words “Manolo Blahnik” first thing come ...

Mad Men’s Women and Their Shoes

4 Nisan 2017

Most o us have already missed Mad Men. Contrary to what is implied in the name of the show, Mad Men has a unique place ...

Shoes for Boho-Chic Styles

3 Nisan 2017

Summer is the perfect time to showing off with your boho style. Breezy shirts and dresses covered with colorful flower ...


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