Men’s Designer Shoes – Shop Men’s Fashion Online at Asil Shoes

Men’s Designer Shoes – Shop Men’s Fashion Online at Asil Shoes

While preparing to take a new step, men’s exclusive 2017 shoe models have already begun to be wondered. Based on the winter months we are in, 2017 Winter Men’s Boots, which seems to be trendy again, seems to be maintaining its top position in the new year. In the short-lipped short boots models, the main colors will be black boots, coffee, mink, beige and other dark colors.

One of the most talked-about models of 2017 is undoubtedly the zippered male boots. Black men’s boots with zipper, which are the most preferred models in the new year, are also one of the main choices in color. Let’s make a reminder for those who want to order a zippered boat. If you would like to customize the zippered, laced boat model you see anywhere and want to customize your foot (+ 90534 526 79 07), you can get information from the numbered line and order boots.


Men’s Designer Shoes – Shop Men’s Fashion Online


2017 year secret heel male boots models in the most appropriate way to decorate your dream boots are also doing, we send to your address. We reach to all the provinces and counties of Turkey with special manufacturing shoe service and prepare your orders for all the footworks from number 30 to number 50.


Special Shoes Order

Special Shoes Order


We will continue to serve our esteemed customers in 2017 as well as in 2018 with zippered boots, staples, buckets, arched boats and many more male boots models.



Find a shoe you like Send us the photo of shoes and your size via email or WhatsApp Leave additional details such as orthopedic problems or special needs
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As soon as you complete the order, your shoes will be shipped in 15 days. (Plus/minus 2 days depending on your location)


If you receive a damaged shoes or your shoes don't fit because of manufacturing errors, you are welcome to send them back. We will fix the problem or send you a new pair. We are not able to make money refund since our shoes are custom-made.
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