Most Famous Shoes from Movies

Most Famous Shoes from Movies

It’s obvious that how shoes are playing leading role in our daily lives, but, there are some shoes deserves a star in Hollywood. If you need some inspiration to order customized shoes here are the top 5 famous shoes.

Cinderella Slippers (Obviously)


Thanks to Cinderella, all of us learned a valuable lesson in very young age; “if you want to make a statement you need a pair of beautiful shoe, only a classy and precious pair of shoe can save your life.” 🙂 Maybe this is not the message, but, we like to take it in that way! By the way here is the Louboutins’ Cinderella Slippers. Aren’t they perfect for wedding shoes?

Wizard of Ozz, Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers


Another fairy tale but, this time with real shoes which designed by Gilbert Adrian. They made by Swarovski crystal and red glass beads. One of the last three original pairs is a museum and other sold off in an auction.


Audrey Hepburn and Ballet Flat


Her astonishing style with ballet flat in the movie Funny Face (1953) more memorable than the film.

Audrey Hepburn Ballet Flats









Red Heels From “Grease.”


Sandy Olsson and her red heels mesmerized all of us for sure. We all love her rebellious style with cigarette pants and red heel.

sandy olsonn grease


Sex And The City, Carry Bradshaw, Blue Satin Stilettos


Another pair of the shoe more memorable than the movie. If someone asks me I’m pretty sure the movie is all about these shoes.




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