What is Required to Order a Special Shoe?

What is Required to Order a Special Shoe?

When you want to wear and take shoes in day time and on a special day, you should have your full leg and should offer comfortable clothing. As a Special Shoe Order Service, we are committed to providing you with all the special shoe orders that we are preparing for our valued customers with our professional team group supported by professional workmanship and first class materials. Special shoe the most serious issue for the order is foot health and comfort of the foot. In your daily life, your feet carry the weight and weight of the whole body. Coordination with the body of the foot is very important. You used it.

The foot that is trapped in your shoe and can not find a restful place, after a certain suicide, it almost revolts, but when it is warned to the nerve points, the body becomes unbearable. That’s why your shoes will have a very big prescription to be compatible with your foot in terms of health.


What is Special Shoes Required for Ordering?


What you need and need from you is that you can make your foot a special shoe; The visual image of the shoe you want to have is the physical structure of your foot with your foot number. If you inform us of these, we will make your order shoe with care and handmade to you at the specified date and send it to your address. If you have problems with your shoe that we have made specifically for you (shoe shrinkage, abundant problems, etc.), we will intervene in the shoe again and we will do the necessary work to organize the problem.

What is Required to Order a Special Shoe?

What is Required to Order a Special Shoe?

We offer these products as a very pleasing product to you by crowning with our experience of the first year in the production of special order shoes in these advantages offered to you. It is our greatest goal to make your feet feel comfortable while we present a quality product to you. Thanks to our professional team, the quality of the foot health and the shoes of our valued customers who prefer us is very important to us. We are not limited to the production of ladies shoes only in our shoes production and production, and we also provide special services for you in the production of male shoes. Along with this, we also provide special shoe production for men. In men’s shoes models, we design and make many special models that you like, classic, sport, loafers, broq, desert and more specifically you want. Apart from that, we are also designing for ladies to be able to serve you with many kinds of shoes such as stiletto, Oxford, as well as models such as filling heel, special platform, cork heel, loafer.


Wedding – Engagement Shoes What to Order;


At the same time, one of the most important days for ladies is engagement and wedding time. For our ladies’ customers who want everything to be perfect in their weddings and to be designed in such a way that the shoes are always what we want, we also design our shoes for this special day. Send us the model of the bridal shoes you have always dreamed of, let us prepare the model in your imagination and mind. With your foot number important, the bony and physical structure of your foot, the image of the model you want is necessary and sufficient for us. We send your shoes to you at the specified date and time. Your foot in your shoe will be much more comfortable during your engagement or wedding.

Shoe Order (Man - Woman Shoes)

Shoe Order (Man – Woman Shoes)

What is the precaution of foot health in order to produce shoes?


We care most about this because we know that your foot health is at the beginning of the most preferred topics for us, not the principle. When you wear your shoe that we have made specially, we do not want your foot to get a very compressed shape in the form of a vise. For this reason, even if you prefer heels or classic shoes, you are comfortable, as if you are wearing a very comfortable shoes. We use the materials we use in shoe manufacturing as premium quality. By choosing us you will see our difference and quality measure.



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As soon as you complete the order, your shoes will be shipped in 15 days. (Plus/minus 2 days depending on your location)


If you receive a damaged shoes or your shoes don't fit because of manufacturing errors, you are welcome to send them back. We will fix the problem or send you a new pair. We are not able to make money refund since our shoes are custom-made.
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